“We create value” 


PKNS Real Estate Sdn Bhd (PREC) is a special entity established in 2012 as an investment arm for the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) group of companies. As a vital unit under the Selangor state government, PREC spearheads real estate-related investment for the whole Group. The company’s diversified real estate portfolio includes investment, asset management, retail management, and advisory. PREC intends to acquire more viable commercial assets in the future. Amongst assets owned and managed by PREC includes Menara Worldwide in Bukit Bintang , Menara PKNS PJ, SACC Mall, Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam and Kompleks PKNS Bangi.
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Our Core SeRvices

PREC is a company that highly values
"Accountability, Honesty and Integrity"


~As an investment arm of Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS).

Asset Management

~Manage existing and future assets acquired to spur the economy of the state.

Retail Management

~Opening up business opportunity in line with enhancing the state economic growth and social development.


~Provide investment and asset management advisory to new corporations with the same objective.

We Deliver Measurable Result


Sr. Haji Fakru Radzi Ab Ghani
Chief Executive Officer


Giving all praise and honor to the Almighty, for His grace towards us, the strength He provides, and gratitude for all He has done for us.

In such challenging times, we must be thankful that the
basic elements which make this country – peace, unity
and togetherness – hold us to this day. We have risen to
the economic challenges by putting us on the road to a
technological cultural revolution to build an economy with
dignity, the foundation for people’s resilience.

Like a tiger leaving behind its stripes, what is left of a man
upon his death is his legacy, we are called to do our absolute
best in Selangor to ensure transformative development is
founded on sustainability, as we are merely custodians of this
state for the generations coming after us. This is our shared responsibility. PREC’s developmental
agenda should continue on the path to excellence to encompass infrastructural, social, and economic development.